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hi mb and others,

It got nuts, and can't think it over, lol.

But I guess it could be the Sunrays, as the physics defines the light travels into tiny group, ( I think it's called quantam or else, I forgot it.) and it surrounds us everywhere, I don't know,lol.

keep on guessing guys, a good one to exercise your mind.

and I want to give you one...

A cowboy gets into a motel on Friday. He stays there for 3 days and gets on his way on Friday. How it is possible ???

Umm... Passionate_freak, I think the Friday riddle is there on at least three threads on this very forum. I don't think I should spoil it for anyone not in the know.

If you really want to know, click here - http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/CowboyRiddle/qhp/Post.htm#159293

As to the original ones, I have no clue.
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The horse was named Friday. Sorry, I couldn't help it. Emotion: big smile

What about lies?

Lies are broken pieces of truth right? Lies will ALWAYS exist and THEY ALWAYS surround us. You don't want to be caught (confined) in the middle of THEM... and they outlive us all?

Not too sure about that last part... but i think it makes sense...

eh, kinda?,
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Well im no good at riddles i think its the universe because the unverse was broken by the big bang and its around us
Seems like there are several possible answers. I'm putting my money on rules.
seems to me, that it is solvable (man, that spelling looks wrong), with many answers
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our bodies
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