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soundwaves...we broke the speed of sound. it will outlive us, and it will always sourouund us
sound, we've broken the speed of sound...etc
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Just read it there and i came up with an aswer after about 20 seconds. Would 'laws' fit the bill?
Hello mb90131,
I think I can answer this riddle. According to me the answer is a "star". They outlive us
all ,surround us and don't like to be confined.
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The Dead.
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(missing image)

Although broken, years shall always exist and surround us, don't like to
be confined in years and years shall outlive us all.
I sounds like it is words or speech. I don't know, but sometimes it is totally broken when you live around the area that I do .
The answer is Rocks. Because they break down, even into dust but they are always around us, they will out live us all and We dont like being confined in them.


unsolvable riddle......SOLVED
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Do you think it might me "rules". Rules are broken, exist around us, and will outlast us all. Laws or rules?
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