could you please tell me if the word 'unstupid' exists?
I've found it in one dictionary so it seems to be correct, I am not sure, though, as other dictionaries don't show it. I have googled it too and not many reliable entries have been found...
I will be grateful for your help.
Thanks a lot!

Kind regards.
Which dictionary did you find it in? As far as I know, "unstupid" is not a word in standard English. Nevertheless, people may sometimes invent it, possibly humorously, possibly for some other special contextual reason.
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Thank you Emotion: smile

I've found it in a 'reference dictionary'.
The word is listed in 'related forms'.

Thank you.
Kind regards.
Well, every dictionary is a "reference" dictionary! Do you remember specifically which one?
I've found it at dictionary. reference. com.

Kind regards.
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