If I take no sugar to my tea, can I say that I dink unsweet/unsweetened tea?
What is the correct adjective?

Thank you
UNSWEETENED is correct.
While it's true that tea with no sugar is UNSWEET, that word is not commonly used.
Various things that we eat and drink have no sweetness of their own, and sugar (or honey etc) are often added to them to make them taste nicer. This is called SWEETENING, and the food/drink is then described as SWEETENED, not SWEET, because a process has been used to make it sweet. If you omit that process, by not adding sugar, the food/drink is then described as UNSWEETENED.


unsweet is not a word.

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I thought the 'un' meant to undo something. Example: Unsweetened tea is tea that has been sweetened and then
had the sweetness removed. It was undone. Tea is not a sweet
drink to start with so tea without sweetening would be plain
Can anyone clear this up for me please?
Thank You,
No, "un" just means "not." For example, if you are "unmarried," it does not mean that you were married at some previous time!

It is more complicated than the answers before me are letting on to. Unsweet is a word used in local dialects in the US. In the southern United States and other rural areas, there are two types of iced tea that you can order at a restaurant: Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea. Both are generally black iced teas the first with sugar, the latter without. If you ask for Unsweetened tea, they will know what you mean, but if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, order the Unsweet tea!

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“Unsweet” is in the online dictionary having to do with a liquor process...

Personally, I did not think it was a legitimate word, but it seems it is so.

When ordering tea which is the correct phrase unsweet tea or nonsweet tea