" he worked in our company until 1999."

why is it so ambiguous?

maybe he stopped working at some time during 1998? it's possible?


maybe he stopped working just at 0 am january 1st 1999? it's possible?


maybe he stopped working at some time during 1999? - I know this only.

what's the reason natives didn't tell me definitely?

I also know it's much easy to use until with negation.

I would like to know "until in affirmative sentence"

please let you analyze above sentence.

don't make me floating clouds!!!

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He worked in our company until 1999.-- This is ambiguous only because the speaker has not been sufficiently specific.

He worked in our company until June 30th, 1999.-- Now nobody cares whether his last day of work was the 29th or the 30th.
thank you.

by the way

you said "we will be opend from Monday until Thursday" meant we would do business on Thursday with the Possibility of 100%.

Thursday is included as 100%?

is above sentence not ambiguous?

because of "from Monday" before "until Thursday" ?

Mr. Mikawber!!!

until grammar is the most difficult to me who have learnt English so far.
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Understanding language includes common sense as well as grammar knowledge. I say '100%' because ( 1 ) a business open only 3 days a week (M, Tu, W) is not reasonable in my culture, and (2 ) any business would be very foolish to mention 'Thursday' without including it.

I'm sorry for writing in japanese.

until in English is quite different from まで(made) in japanese.






we will be opened from Monday until Saturdayと言うと日本人は当然にSaturdayまで開かれていると考えます。




もちろんfrom Monday through Sauredayを使うと私も便利だと思います。


Theoretically, 'until' means "up to and not including", but it is like MM said: common sense dictates that when you write Monday until Thursday you include Thursday. In scientific publications, where important, we often write out in full the exact meaning of whether it is 'up to and including' or 'up to and not including'. In mathematics there are symbols to differentiate between these two: ']' including or ')' excluding.
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Hello there!

In my opinion until I'm convinced otherwise Emotion: stick out tongueit really depends on how vague or on how informative the writer of the sentence chooses to be! YOU may enter '' He worked with the company sporadically until 1999'' or'' ...on & off until etc..'' Someone else may choose to be definitive and enter all tedious data as an attachment into the sentence. A sentence can be composed as one chooses containing what the writer wants to share or withold. So my point is that the WRITER may be thought to be ambiguous whilst the WORD 'until' is not ambiguous at all in its own right.

I need to get out more! LOL

Dolly Dove
Mr. Mikawber.

I'm really sorry for writing non-english.

please delete my post wrtten in japanese.
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