I know that in the sentence below I shouldn't use "don't." I think the reason for this is that there is already "no" in the same sentence, so there is no need for two negative forms. Am I right?

Until you (don't) pay you have no guarantee that you have a place on the course.
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It's the "until" that makes the "don't" not work.

Until you pay, you have no guarantee.

Unless you pay, you have no guarantee.

You can register, but if you don't pay at the same time, you have no guarantee.
Thanks GG!
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It's rare to have a negative after until because until implies waiting for some event to happen. It's somewhat unusual to wait for something notto happen! Is it even possible? Emotion: smile
Until the day comes when you don't have to be reminded of your table manners, be assured you will NOT be taken to dine with the queen.

(Trust me, the daily battle about manners at my dinner table provides loads of examples. These days, my favorite fantasy is that my children will sit down and immediately put their unfolded napkin on their lap, but I'll settle for "You have a little something on your chin" NOT being followed by a wipe with the back of a hand.)
Grammar GeekUntil the day comes when
No negative in the untilclause! Only in the subordinate clause. You can't say, "Until the day doesn't come when ..., be assured ..." That's my point. Have you got another one??? Emotion: thinking
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Dang. Okay "Until you don't need to be reminded every time you sit down to put your napkin in your lap, tea with the queen is out of the question."

Does that work?
I guess that it works.
Grammar GeekDoes that work?
Yup! Emotion: smile
I guess it can be done.
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