Until the company is in a stronger financial position , all wages will be ___ .
a. deducted
b. standardized
c. diminished
d. frozen
Hi Tzitziki,

I'm fairly sure you could figure this one out for yourself with the aid of a dictionary. The four words in the list above are very distinct, and not very confusable. Of course, if you haven't understood "stronger financial position" or something, that's a different matter.

Forgive me, Tzitziki, but it just sounds like a homework question to me. I don't get the impression there's a principle you're trying to grasp. Or if there is, I've missed it. It doesn't help anyone for me to do people's homework for them.

Please tell me WHAT IT IS THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND and I will be more than happy to answer.


PS. You can ignore me if you like. There are plenty of other people here capable of answering questions like these.
PPS. If I have misunderstood, I apologize.
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oh no , on the contrary rommie you are very helpfull and i appreciate that.
The answer is just a matter of how we interprete the situation. I myself choose bEmotion: smile That means if the company is in a better position financially those who are much more capable will get a raise, but for the time being. It has to be ' standardized 'Emotion: smile