Could you tell me if it is correct to say: "until the end of the twenty-second century"?
It sounds strange to me.

Thank you
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MagdaSee? My trust in the net is ever more limited now Emotion: wink .

Why do people make so horrible mistakes?

The only explanation I have is that the editors wanted to quote the original words as spoken by the person, irrespective of the fact that he was speaking some dialect or sub-standard.
Because you seem to prefer BrE, you may want to do the search from Google this way (in order to search the BBC site):

site:bbc.co.uk "have eaten"
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MagdaSee? My trust in the net is ever evenmore limited now Emotion: wink .

Why do people make so such horrible mistakes?
Hi Magda
Google really isn't bad to use in order to get input about usage. But you do need to know how to (and also take the time to) interpret the results. You can't simply use the number of results. You also need to look at whether the sites are native-speaker sites, informal or formal/quoted spoken English vs. written, etc. Getting a total of only 3 results on Google does tell you that whatever you searched for isn't common at all. But it does not tell you (for example) whether your search paramaters were appropriate.
I was half joking.
My point was that I (as a non-English speaker) often don't known how far I can trust Google. Of course if I see a phrase on a reputable site, my doubts disappear.