Could you tell me if it is correct to say: "until the end of the twenty-second century"?
It sounds strange to me.

Thank you
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Hejsan Magda

The expression is good English, you just have to put it in the right kind of sentence. The present century is the twenty-first, by the way.

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Heysan, Cool Breeze.
Emotion: big smile yes, I know it. I need this phrase for my composition about future.

Thanks for your answer.
Marius, once again thanks for your answer Emotion: smile .
Very often I don't know how far I can trust google and the results I get after I search a phrase.
I am certain that if I type in "I have ate supper", google will return some results.
If you have doubts on google, search the New York Times, an educated bunch:-)


It's all material checked for publication by their editors, AFAIK.

Or search from Google

the New York Times and The Atlantic sites with:

site:nytimes.com "what do you search"
site:theatlantic.com "whatever you want to search"
(to search The Atlantic, a very good publication)

in the Google search box.
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Marius, I typed "have ate" and got 3 results Emotion: surprise .
MagdaMarius, I typed "have ate" and got 3 results Emotion: surprise .

Where? Pls paste them here from the browser. I want to see them, including the links, if possible.

Yes. I found them in the New York Times, and they are all BAD:

  1. THE SATURDAY PROFILE; In Canada, an Exile Pleads a Tangled Case for Refuge

    ... I probably would have ate it up. I had ...View free preview

    October 9, 2004 - By CLIFFORD KRAUSS (NYT) - World - Biography - 1403 words
  2. At Bosnia Post, Gunshots and Friendly Encounters

    ... "I would have ate him up," he ...View free preview

    December 30, 1995 - By IAN FISHER (NYT) - World - Series - 1110 words
  3. BASEBALL; Backman Says Mets Got Assist From Ump

    ... We probably should have ate the ball there," ...View free preview

    April 9, 1991 - By JACK CURRY (NYT) - Sports - News - 475 words

You're right, there are problems everywhereEmotion: smile
See? My trust in the net is ever more limited now Emotion: wink .

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