What do USA want of Iraq?
They did every thing ,kill people destroy mosques and houses.The world like spectators.
All of that because of the priesdent Bush.Even the American soldiers were hurted
One of the soldiers said
All shout and try to survive
And if they take me to military court
and shot down me
never I take a foot to Iraq again

You can see throhg this linkhttp://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2003/iraq/forc...es/2004.10.html
you are seriously misinformed. the u.s. does not just attack people for the hell of it. we do not bomb mosques and houses. and even if it happened it would be a complete mistake. we are not devils. and the u.s. president does not have complete power, checks and balances!
Why are your troops in Iraqi? no vacation?
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the u.s. troops are in iraq for one reason, oil. i know this, however, in exchange for oil we were willing to liberate the iraqi people from a dictator who horibly oppressed them. as well as the fact that we continually try to rebuild iraq's infrastructure, while the people who prospered under husien keep geeting in our way. we try to do more good than harm, but some people still hate us. why? not all americans are racist or ignorant. i love other cultures and wish everyone would work together to solve the world's problems.

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You think that american goverment has only "good" aimes in Iraq. But I don't think so !
Of course american goverment is proud of providing an independent to people of Iraq but this
problem has two sides both good and bad. About good one you have wrote and I'll say about bad ones. First of all there are a global problem of international terrorism. As a matter
of fact Husein was hating any terroristic groups especially 'Al Kaid' and all rumours that he was connected with them are no more than a full rubbish ! Moreover do you think that
Iraq will be enough to american goverment? Will they cool off? Nothing like that ! ! ! They had
reclamations to North Korea, Iran and will have ones to other countries. What aimes they have? Money, economic and politic influence in that region !
As for me do not think that I don't like americans, I just give my opinion to that. By the way
not all americans support their goverment. Ask for parents whose children died in Iraq.
They died... for what???????? And now there are a lot of soldiers who was killed there, much more than during a war !
And at least I beg you pardon for my too much emotional speach.
Thank you !