this is something i wrote during maths...we had double maths that day...its nothing much, just wanted to share it with you guys...

i was told a legend
that lives at present

it's chapters are your beauty discriptions
an extraordinary piece of creation

it starts off with your skin
softer than creme and smoother
silky to run your finger
and scents of jasmine

your legs...are a work of art
beautifully filled, this prefection needn't increase
with them you walk into one's heart
so lightly, your steps are a sweet breeze

bronzish body
a flat belly
curvey sides
and a juicey behind

every finger is a painting brought to life
when your nails slide on my skin
they send shivers to my soul
every touch of your palm
spreads loving warmth

your hair is made of soft curls
some chocolate brown
other honey gold
they fall gently on your shoulders

glossy and glittery
taste like strawberry
red as caneberry
are your lips

your voice is like delicate music whispering into the air
canaries and harps are no match, one simply cannot bare
the magic of it's sexiness and sweetness, and words so fair

red when you're shy
rose when you smile
the dimples on your cheeks
are mother nature's master piece

the worlds biggest wonders
lie inside these amazon green eyes
the stunning gardens inside them
are mysteries unsolved
with brown trees around them
the gardens twinkle when you smile
and your eye lashes flutter like butterflies

every part in me
cries and longs for you
my one desire is to hear your musical moans
when making sweet love to you

but if i do
while wrapped inside this beauty
is a forgiving soul of purity
a mind of intellegnce and maturity
and a white heart of kindness and honesty
i'll be wrapped in shame and will feel guilty
for deflowering an angel and not a human being
and that is why, i dare not commit the sin...
I quite like this flirtatious. You definitely had someone in mind when you were writing this.
It reminds me of how my mind used to wonder during Math and I would also write and dream. Not so much poetry, just letting the storm of thoughts that would be blowing though my mind take me to distant places.
Flirtatiousthis is something i wrote during maths...we had double maths that day...

And I thought it was a poem about maths. Ended up disappointed.