Sometimes I feel like giving up.

I think what the use you’re not enough

I close my eyes blink back the tears

I wish away my dreams and fears

Because they’re doing nothing for me

I cut through once still not enough

I cut through twice I’m giving up

I cut and cut going farther down this road to

Someday soon I’ll cut too deep

Someday soon I’ll finally sleep…in peace.

Things just keep on getting rough

I really wish I’d toughen up

I shut the door turn off the lights

I cry all day and cry all night

Because I’m going nowhere fast

I think it's very sad, and most of all, you should never give up. I hope you are not really feeling this way. But you do well with the words. It does get your point across. Give us a couple more to check out.
I know exactly how you feel because I have sometimes felt like that too. I think you should be brave and not throw in the towel, remember that there are people out there who love you.