The stars shine bright in the dark sad sky.
The moon, the only thing to guide my way through
this time.
I walk along the water with my hair floating in
the gentle breeze,
but my mind is far away and time seems to freeze.
My life flashes before my eyes as if i were about
to die.
But really, This is me coming alive.
This is me coming out of a depression that I've
been in for so long.
I'm calling out to everyone who hurt me and
telling them they were wrong.
I'm releasing the sadness with the ashes of the
only one who cared.
The only one who understood when I was hurt or
And as i walk along the water, I know I am not
about to die.
This is me, And I am coming alive.

I like the sounds of this one better. Keep up the good work, Really!!
Im new here, and i just wanted to say that i like ur style, thats a very nice poem