Sorries have become a pattern, followed by tears and days shattered.
In your shadow I stand, with my sword in my hand, not ready for use it will take the abuse.
The war isn't over, but the battles begun, I'll be slaughtered in battle but our wars still unwon.
SO many poems I've written about us, so many more I have yet to discuss.
Most people dont' get them, there hidden meanings, but to me it's clear as a crystal, they reflect on my beatings.
Mentally of course, not a bruise I've recieved, but torture in my heart, you've caused so much need.
A need for more attention, a little extra love, to fill in for you, my friends from above.
For they act as angels when im in desperate times, they make life worth living even when im in a bind.
Im still here now because of their grace, natural and super-natural, but they all have a face.
Not two like you, but one pure hope, a lifeline for all of us, like were attahced by a rope.
Some of them have it worse than me, then it's my turn to be the angel with arms wide open, when they start to drown in their sea.
A sea of memories, words, or hate, we all catch each other before it's to late.
'Sea Creatures'?

maybe u can title it "The Love War"

i think its better to say as angels they act not they act as angels Emotion: big smile
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sorry i meant "The Friends War"
Angeli Praecordia (Angels of the heart)

(hopefully someone will check my latin!)

'Angeli praecordiorum.'

(For some reason it would have seemed rude to correct Latin, on an English forum, if you hadn't asked!)

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Thanks, Mr. P. I woke this morning realising I hadn't done the 'um' but, which as far as memory serves means "of the".

Please feel free to correct, and particularly if you ever see me try to write numbers!! Dyscalculia, don'tcha know.
What happens to dyscalculiacs who try to text, I wonder:

'CU l7er 3 a vodka & ginger.'

[D] 17er? tee hee
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