I'm writing an essay on the unwritten rules that regulate our behaviours, and I would like to have some examples of different cases in different cultures.
Thank you in advance.
This may not be what you're looking for, but I found it interesting:

Codes for Individuals

Individual codes of ethics are most commonly seen as part of the tenets of a religion but can also be considered to be those unwritten rules of behavior instilled in an individual by their upbringing and environment. Society at large assumes that certain ethical behaviors are defined regardless of religion, geographic location or nationality.

Examples of societal ethical behavior can include such things as:
Respect for another’s property
Refraining from violence against another
Treating others with civility

Certain codes of ethics can apply only to members of select groups and are not necessarily in step with society as a whole. Examples of this phenomenon include the criminal organization of Japan known as the Yakuza.


Theft from and violence against non-Yakuza are considered perfectly acceptable, but there are definite rules for acceptable and regulated behavior between Yakuza members, the breaking of which can be followed by harsh punishments. Individual and societal codes of ethics can therefore be seen as more elastic than those of corporations and professional organizations.


A great place to start would be to scroll through codes of conduct written by top companies. Although these are mostly in North America, its interesting to see how they regulate employee and management behaviours and the concept of "company culture":

https://i-sight.com/resources/18-of-the-best-code-of-conduct-examples /