I. General of Ha province

1. Location and topography

2. Population

3. Socio-economic achievements of Ha province 2001-2005

* Economic development achievements

* Industry and small scale industry

* Industrial zone

* Agriculture zone


*Posts and telecommunications


*Education and Trainning


*Cultural , Social and sports

II. Environment reality

1. Warter Enviroment reality

2. Air Enviroment reality

3. Solid waste enviroment reality
There are some spelling mistakes: Water - not warter, Training - not trainning.

Also, in the first section you wrote "General of Ha Nam Province" - General describes something. General Characteristics of Ha Nam Province. Features of Ha Nam Province.

The words "Environment reality" is strange. Don't use the word reality, that is strange. Perhaps, "State of the Environment", "Condition of the Environment", "Environmental Concerns".

Please remove the word "reality" from the three sections. Say instead 1. Water, 2. The Air, 3. Solid Waste. The word "reality" is unnatural in this context. Ok?
Many thank you Hyena!