Hi all,
I've prepared a letter of motivation and I don't know if it is good enough or not. Please check and leave your comments. Any help from anyone is appreciated.Emotion: smile

Long Hoang Nguyen
534 Hong Bang
Ho Chi Minh CityDear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you an application for the Master’s Degree in Security and Mobile Computing in Helsinki University of Technology. I want to further develope my knowledge, improve my life style and gain a broadened point of view through this programme.
I graduated in Software Engineer in July 2005 from the University of Natural Sciences in Vietnam. My studies focused on distributed application, web services and ecommerce. My thesis is about Service-oriented architecture. I then worked for TMA Solution, an outsourcing branch of Nortel Network organization in networking and telecommunication field. I like problem solving and figuring things out. Facing challenges, team-work, creativity and flexibility are also my strong points.

The reasons for me to have chosen this top-level programme are many. Firstly, I want to further improve my strong technical skills, which can be achieved by studying in Helsinki University of Technology TTK, whose mobile communications researching and teaching is considered to be among the best in the world. Secondly, we live in a very dynamic world, which requires flexibility and creativity, people should get in touch with other languages and cultures, not to mention networking. On this programme, I will have a chance to meet different kinds of people and cultures that will give me different points of view, hence contributing for flexibility and creativity, besides the cultural gains. After I graduate, I intend to pursue my career in IT field. Last but not least, I know that education and reality are different. But your program will allow me to accomplish both.

To sum up, I consider my qualifications and interests, as exposed above, to be sufficient to enable me to make a good course at your programme and make good use of all the knowledge I gather throughout this program in the future and later career. I really hope my application will be considered and accepted. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

Long Hoang Nguyen"

This is a pretty good letter. Just double check some of your spellings (develop my knowledge). I also wouldn't mention that you want to improve your lifestyle as that seems a bit shallow...
Thank for your comment Emotion: smile Your words make me more confident
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Dear ?

I do like to find some new experience of being an exchange student. I find this work challenging,interesting and invigorating. I am excited by the opportunity to join a group of professionals where I can apply my skills,talents and enthusiasm. As I have neven been to Mexico before,therefore coming to your country would be a completely new experience for me on all levels.I would like to visit Mexico cause its famous places and attractions.I have heard about its history, lifestyle and culture.Visiting Mexico and meeting new people will be a great experience for me.While working on this project I would like to get familiar with medical education and health systems.Also I am excited to feel the atmosphere of working in a hospital there and get new acquaintances. I expect to establish new connections from this research.At it’s end I would like to become better skilled. I got involved in this theme during my studying ,and I’ll finish listening it in this upcoming Juny.I like this kind of studies where I’ll work with patients and improve myself.During my work I am hard working.I’ll consult my tutors,I’ll be positive thinking and clear-headed team worker.I have some student experience working in the lab during learning biochemistry.We recently start to work with patients ,so I would say I have a little labatory and hospital working experience.For ,,Viral hepatitis’’ project I have enough theoretical knowledge, I have studied different kind of literature, beside university books,so before I go in Mexico I’ll get more involved in this field and talk with my professors here.The last thing, I am pleased to take care of any incoming students from yourcountry as well.You arealways welcome.

Yours sincerely, Marija Perovska