Hello guys!

I urgently need help for a research l'm doing for college on different cultures and stereotypes, l need you guys to answer the following questions:

1) Have you ever seen an Egyptian or visited Egypt ?

2) What comes to your mind when you first hear the word Egypt or Egyptian, and is there a stereotype?!

3) How was this image built up in your mind? can you change it one day?!

4) What would you feel when if you knew that you had to work on a project with an Egyptian young man?!

5) Describe Egyptian people with 3 characteristics.

I'd seriously appreciate the help guys! l'm kindda running out of time and participants!
Mention your nationality, please!

Thank you!
1. No
2. Anwar Sadat, Exodus
3. Sadat is the news, years ago
movies, religious discussions
4, I would be interested to know more about him, his language, his culture.
5. Short, intelligent, speak Arabic

1) I have not been to Egypt. Although I live in a part of London where many nationalities live together, I couldn't honestly say I have met someone that I know as Egyptian. My impression, right or wrong, is that Egyptians have not migrated to London as a community. There are, of course, some famous individuals in the newspapers - Mohammed Al-Fayed and Dodi Fayed, for example

2) My stereotypes, I suppose, are the hieroglyphics, the pyramids and the Sphinx. It is recognised as a place with a very, very long history

3) To be honest again, I'm not sure of modern Egypt. My impression is that Egyptian government tends to be military. That would make me feel quite uncomfortable

4) That would be totally OK with me

5) A very old civilisation; one of the earliest agricultural centres around the river Nile; and, when I checked on the web, you have quite lot of good doctors!

I wish you all the very best with the project - it's important to study how countries see each other

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Thank you so much guys! l appreciate the help!