this should be my motivational letter to apply for a master of science in Management... could u please let me know what you think???
thanks...and sorry for the urgency !!!
Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is XXX and I am hereby applying for the Master of Science in XXX program at the for the 2008 fall term.

I am taking this step as the culmination of a long process of my life, in which I placed the right education as the key of my success in life and in my future professional career. In less than three months i will graduate in Business Administration and Management at XXXX University and the choice to continue my studies has come natural to me.

Throughout my bachelor years I had plenty of opportunities and experiences that helped me hone my qualities and open my mind to new horizons. I held internships in various companies that gave me an insight in the professional world, i had the chance to directly apply my studies to a real working situations. More recently i spent a full term in the Unites States, studying at the XXXX School of Business, where i had the valuable chance to experience a different educational system, to interact with different cultures and languages. I can say that this experience truly changed me. Studying in a different country, with all the challenges that come with it, is one of the most important experiences i had in my life.

These challenges as well as my strong will to give my best to everything I undertake and never compromise with modesty will help me realise my goals. Through current challenging times, I understand that in order to reach my goals, apart from hard work, I have to obtain a solid academic background that will provide me with a global perspective and will allow me to chase my dreams .

My objective is to focus my managerial knowledge and skills to the one field of business – International Management. And I believe that pursuing an MSc in International Management in a renowned university such as Westminster with your prestigious reputation will help me in my quest for excellence in this field. It will enable me to develop the right professional skills and to get the most appropriate knowledge needed for becoming a successful and prosperous professional.

I believe i have the qualities that a manager should have. I am very motivated and I am not afraid to give my best in every situation, some could point to me as a stubborn or over self-confident person, but during my life i have demonstrated I am a reliable team-player and leader at the same time. I enjoy learning from others, helping them when i can as much as i like to take on responsabilities since they push me to give the best i can. In my opinion creativity is also a very important quality and i have always tried to improve and satisfy it through the study of art and acting that helped me to focus my objectives and refine my personality.

Motivation is the key of success. But if that same motivation is backed by a solid education, it becomes the key of excellence.

I am confident that XXXX is the best school for shaping my future the way I imagine.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully,
anyone yet?

Hi... can anyone please give me some advices...??? i need to send it out today...
thanks a lot