I have a question regarding Macbeth that has been irritating me for some time. Recently, I had to read Macbeth in British Literature class and I asked the teacher (who was unable to answer this question) why, if the witches prophesied that Banquo's seed would sit on the throne, does Macolm reign after the defeat of Macbeth? Why not Fleance, the son of Banquo?? That is why Macbeth had Banquo killed and tried to slaughter Fleance at the same time. . .so that the seed of Banquo would never sit on his throne! Can anyone help me??? I would really appreciate a reply. Thanks to any and all who will relieve my aggitation.
the witches forsaw the events, but that didn't mean it would happen. i think one of the themes that played a huge role in this was, natural events vs self-inflicted action, as macbeth had done so. i can't remember the exact quotes because i haven't read this play for over 6 years, but it makes mention towards the end that macbeth was his own demise and the witches go on to elaborate they only saw these visions and they didn't claim or tell him to act upon it. it's simply ironic, but twisted.
Thank you so much for getting back to me!! Lit class is tomorrow. . .now I can go back and share my new knowledge!
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I was told Banquo's bloodline was mentioned as a form of flattery because the ruler at that time descended from that bloodline...not sure if it's true...