I'm applying to the Helsinki Summer School and I'm supposed to write a motivation letter. I've never donne it before and it's especially difficult to do it in english. I would be really pleased if someone could take a look at my letter and make some suggestions. I'm also having problems finishing the letter.

Dear Ms. ***,

I’m applying for a partial scholarship at the Design Thinking course of Helsinki Summer School. I’ve found out about the HSS while I was looking for European universities where I could take a semester of a Product Design course. I think the summer school is a better option since I’ll be able to know people from many other countries and have their point of view about design, which I guess is the most interesting aspect of studying abroad. When I found the HSS web site last year, it was too late to apply for a scholarship and there were no more vacancy at the course I’ve chosen. But I think it was better this way. I’m more prepared now: I’ve studied more and I’ve participated in some more projects. I’ve been studying Product Design at the *** University for 1,5 years. Before that I’ve studied Civil Engineering at *** University for 3,5 years but I didn’t graduated. It took me a while to figure out what career I want to follow. Now that I’m sure about my choice I want to take as much extra-curricular classes as I can, but unfortunately there aren’t much offer in my city.

While I was still in high school I’ve studied in Paris for one year (’98 / ’99). I took a 4 months french course at Sorbonne and also continued my regular high school year at the Lycée ***. While studying Civil Engineering I’ve worked in 2 different places as a trainee. I’ve worked at ***, which is an engineering company of logistics, doing maps and schemes of distribution using programs like AutoCAD, Maptitude and TransCAD and at an architecture office, ***. Already studying at *** University I’ve worked at another architecture office, ***, in both offices my job was to draw buildings and houses plans using AutoCAD and also to make projects presentations using Corel DRAW. I’ve also participated in the Worldwide Project OSA - One Step Ahead, a concept design project in collaboration with FIAT Auto. Now I’m participating of one of the teams coordinated by the university’s Center of Integration Design - Enterprises developing real projects for small enterprises.

I think it would be really important to my academic and professional future to take a course abroad, especially such an interesting course as the Design Thinking at HSS. Unfortunately, the plane ticket from Brazil to Finland is too expensive and with the living expenses and course fee, it would be quite difficult to me to come. I have some money safe that would cover the traveling coasts and my parents can land me the money for living expenses. I also have a Finnish friend who will take me into her home. But I can’t afford to pay for the course fee. (...)

Yours sincerely,
Clarice, I see over 50 people have looked at your post and on one has responded. Probably because your letter is fairly good. It is also long so would take quite a bit of time.
I'll try and help as best I can with the last paragraph.

It would be important to my academic and professional future to take a course abroad, expecially a course as interesting as the Design Thinking at HSS. The combined cost of travel, living expenses and course fee would make it diffucult for me to come. My parents and I can manage to cover the costs of travel and living, also I have a Finnish friend who will let me stay with her. However I am unable to cover the cost of the course fee and would appreciate it if you would consider me for a scholarship.

King Regards,

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Thank you so much for answering to my post, it was extremely helpfull and it has been done just in time!!!
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Emotion: smile My pleasure Clarice.
I hope you noticed I made a typing mistake right at the end; King regards, should be Kind regards. Emotion: embarrassed