Personal Statement
“Years ago, in a very small city in the south of Brazil, an eight years old boy was hard working at his imaginary lab. The experiments were made in that lab placed in the middle of his mother´s garden, surrounded by red and fragrant roses, petunias and daisies. That young scientist was attempting to extract some flowers essence with his high-tech instruments: margarine pots, old safety scissors, a stolen kitchen wood spoon, and some small glass bottles. Besides all of this he used the miraculous and high pure solvent: “tap water” to achieve his goals.”
Those are my oldest and greatest memories of my earlier childhood as a chemist creating a “new perfume”. Spending hours collecting rose petals, macerating and infusing them in water, blending different colored petals to achieve colorful solutions.

As I played, I found myself discovering the beauty of science. No instruments, no solvents or any monitoring, only imagination, instincts and curiosity about how the world works. Trying to unveil how things are not only made, but how it can become better. Since then, this is the essence of my life.

In my earlier studies at school, the science classes were always my anticipated ones. So amazing it was, that I still remember as if it were today when my primary teacher introduced me to my first formula, H2O, and also the visit to the central water treatment of my city. There, I was able to finally visit a real Chemistry laboratory, full of glassware, beakers, pipets and burets. Moreover, the lecture we had with that old man wearing a white coat explaining the importance of water and how we could purify it remains one of my main vivid memories.
In Brazil, all eighth-grade students have theoretical chemistry class. Mixture separation methods were my first experience in a laboratory and my school lecture. I had a chance to use an extensive array of chemicals, equipment and medley of substances and reagents to conduct my presentation. Then I discover that I would like to be a chemist to not only understand chemistry but also to help people appreciate it. This fascinating world of research and teaching has been one of the most remarkable discoveries in my life.

At Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) Chemistry Department, I learned not only basic concepts but also laws and rules in science. There I took my first solid steps in Chemistry and I earned my bachelor’s degree with high honors. I developed an enthusiasm for the topics of new materials, in particular hybrid organics-inorganics.
During my college years, my enthusiasm and enjoyment to learning science and trying to solve challenging subjects in mathematics, physics and chemistry push me to achieve my best, and reading books and magazines involved on those topics are a natural practice for me.

After my bachelor degree, I had the opportunity to work at Laboratório de Novos Materiais Orgânicos (LNMO) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) This lab is devoted to research in new organic materials. During my tenure at LNMO, I was able to develop studies with fluorescent molecules, doped and covalently linked into silica matrices, subjecting them to high pressure around 8 Gpa. Through this experiment, I obtained, by cold sintering, glass doped with organic molecules. A new way to produce optic lens windows doped with organics molecules. A great achievement, once organic compounds does not resist to high temperatures used to glass manufacture. This work was presented in a oral session at the 18th International Sol-Gel Conference in Los Angeles.

Another project, which is worth mentioning, is the one with micro and submicro spheres of silica doped with dyes. This research opened a new door to the study of spherical fluorescent benzazole molecules in nano scale size. In those hybrid materials, with only single fluorophore, I was able to separate two distinct and well defined emissions of light in two different spectra zone. A promising material to be used in electronics, once a single molecule can express dual distinct signals. I had the opportunity to work in this project with electronic microscopy, spectroscopic analyses, among different technics of mild reactions, fundamental to tailor this kind of material. This work was published at the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology with a good repercussion on the academic community.
Parallel to academic research, I have been working as a high school teacher with young students in disciplines of Chemistry I, II, III and Introduction to the Scientific Method (ISM) as advisor. At the ISM subject, I develop the science research program with students, teaching them fundaments of science research and promoting community advances in social area too.

In 2014, I was awarded by the Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation and Globo Television Network a prize for social work “Vestindo a Educação." This national prize recognizes teachers who make a difference and inspire students to be agents of change in their community. From 303 pre-selected projects, my "Praça das Letras” (Letters Square) project aimed to rehabilitate an outdoor area to be used for teaching and reading activities with children. A benchmark in reading instruction with multidisciplinary activities.

I enjoy spending time with my family, biking along the forest tracks of our city. Cooking is also one of my passions, specially baking cupcakes, and making Polish pierogis. I share all my secret recipes of Polish cuisine with my 9-year-old daughter. Besides, I play the cello and consider myself an avid reader of biographies, historical romances, and everything about the Brazilian Imperial Period.

As shown above, I believe many of the attributes that I have learnt and developed over the years, my academic history, abilities and dedication make me an ideal candidate to master degree program in Chemistry at the University of Toledo. My curious, active and open-minded spirit and the possibility of new perspectives of learning move me forward, once new challenges are my life fuel.

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