I need a hand this morning with an idiom/pun/joke/phrase relating to the idea of wanting more for less...a company looking to reduce costs but increase productivity...I need to lighten up an incredibly dull bit of 'corporate speak' with some humour and this part is stumping me.

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I can sort of remember a joke, from Sufism... about a man and his donkey:

The man was miserly, always musing on ways to keep more of his money. He thought about his donkey, and how he could maybe save a few more pennies if he cut back on donkey food. So each day, he gave the donkey a little less food than the day before. After about two weeks, the donkey died. The man complained, 'You stupid animal! You had to go and die just as I had your meals down to nothing.'
nice one...but they might take it the wrong way!
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I was pretty sure you couldn't use it. ...Just to keep your question at the top.
More bang for the buck, but I'm sure you know that one. Perhaps making a pun out of bang or buck? (Scratching my head...)
There's the one about the research entomologist that experimented with fleas...

He pulled off the two front legs of a flea and hollered 'Jump!'-- and the flea jumped.
He pulled off the two middle legs of the same flea and hollered 'Jump!'-- and the flea jumped.
Then he pulled off the two hind legs of the same flea, and hollered 'Jump!'-- but the flea didn't jump.
His conclusion? Legless fleas are deaf.

Well, maybe not applicable, but I always liked that one. You have to have heard it told well, of course...
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I've heard that one, but with a frog. Also, one of the few jokes I can remember when a kid is around. I polish it up a bit for them. I think I've told it to about 300. Nona should just string all the responses she'll get here...and everything will be fine. Enlightenment is supposed to happen at the end of a string of seven.
Fine, fine. You're the kind of guy nobody wants to sit with at bars, Dave. Well, that's the last joke I ever ever share here.

And I swallowed my rattle the first time I heard the donkey joke too.


Buckminster Fuller's 'Ephemeralization' is "more with less", Nona, but it might get you thinking:

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