Hi all,

I am a graduate university student. I hope to do MSc afterward. I am very pleased to get an offer from my dream university. During my 2nd year, I did not do well on the exams because my mum was in the hospital. I did much better this year. But unfortunately, I still could not reach the offer they required.

I really wish to go to this university. I want to write a letter, to ask them giving me a chance due to the suitation of my 2nd year and improvement in final year. But I am not good at writing formal letter at all. I have been finding many books from library and I still have no clue on writing it... Could anyone please help me? Please!

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks!!!

All the best!

Why not try to make a letter, and let us see what help I or the members could do. I'm sure everybody wanted to help.
Dear All,

I tried to type the letter. Would you please check it for me? And please make some comments and improvements.

I really wish they could give me a place.

Anyway, Many Many Many thx!!

All the best!



Dear Sir/ Madam,

Thank you for giving me an offer on MSc Economics FT 2006/7 at Samford University. Unfortunately, I failed to meet the offer and I would like to put my case forward with the reasons.

Right through my 2nd year exams, and throughout the revision period before that, my mother had been critically ill, requiring over two months of hospital treatment and two operations. This was an extremely distressing time for myself and my family.

I did not notify my department of this situation at that time, as I was unable to openly discuss it with anyone. Being so far away from my mother made life even more difficult to bear. Even now its not something easy for me to talk about.

I believe the effect of these events have significantly affected my performance levels for my exams. In more normal circumstances, I am confident that I would have done better in my 2nd year.

After my distraughting experiences, I have gained a new-found motivation. I have done much better in my final year.

In light of this new information, I hope the Samford University can reconsider my position and allow me to continue my studies in the MSc. I really hope to have an opportunity to do MSc at Samford University.

I have attached a written letter from the doctor who tended to my mother's illness, also two medical reports with further details and transcript.

I truly appreciate any time and efforts spent in this matter.

Yours sincerely,