I ran out of ideas to write. I need more things to write for this valedictory speech. Can anyone here help me write a small paragraph? I am currently in Secondary School. I REALLY need help QUICK..... Thanks in advance.

It’s an honour to be here giving this speech.

I hated my first day as a JVS student, not knowing anyone, having to memorise new names and a new schedule, and, of course feeling uncertain—and alone. I was in tears. But life works in funny ways. Here I am again, in tears, but not because I hate Jurongville but because I have embraced with it, and all the people who make it so special and who grace the halls, with their amazing talent and compassion. What I’ve learned is that, you can’t have the rainbow without the rain, and that with every closed door, another opens.

All of us know a little something about equations or how to write the perfect English essay. Our most important lessons, however, cannot be recited or written down and turned in for a grade. These lessons I’m speaking of involve friendship, hard work and love.

~[Please help to write a para here.]~

I consider myself lucky to have known and studied with all of you, to have a little piece of my life with some of you, and to have been so close with a few. I am proud of all of us; I’m proud to have known JVS, and I know I’ll be proud in the future when I hear the things JVS has achieved and will achieve.

Graduation is not a final destination but as a mere stop on a life long journey. It’s the time to throw the map and follow your heart.

I hereby, wish all of you a smooth journey. Thank you.
i think that it looks good so far, but we cant tell you what to put in your speech. its your own thing, make it your own!
good luck...
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i'm sure that your speech'll turn out fine (: