I hope someone will read through this and give me comments...i am confident with my spellings and grammar (except, I am not sure whether subjects (eg. Molecular Genetics) are capitalized or written in small letters) but its more about the content. Does this include everything required in a motivation letter? Do I sound motivated and qualified? Do I make a positive impression? This letter is really important for me.. I would be happy about any comments! Thank you!

Dear Dr xxx,

Herewith I would like to apply for the Prestige Master's Program Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology at xxx University starting in September 2007. I am a forth year student at the xxx University. Currently I am working on my final thesis to obtain the BSc degree in Life Sciences. I will graduate in August 2007 and I would like to continue my studies focused on Molecular Genetics and pursue the MSc and PhD degrees.

I first became interested in the field of Molecular Genetics from my theoretical classes for Human Molecular Genetics and my project work … during the 2nd and 3rd years at the university. Through my internship at the biomedical genetics department, I confirmed my belief that this is the topic I want to study and I want to focus on. With the newest developments and advances in technologies, data about the human genome are mounting. We are provided with powerful tools to study the role that genetic factors play in complex diseases such as cancer. I believe that genome-based research will enable us to develop more effective diagnostic tools and lead to the advancement in adoption of personalized medicine, and it is my future goal to make a contribution to this development.

Given my interest and experience in the field of Molecular Genetics, I am eager to deepen my knowledge and to specialize in Cancer Genetics, and furthermore to widen my knowledge in cellular mechanisms involved in cancer development. The MSc program offered at your university gives me the opportunity to widen my view in both, fundamental and disease-oriented aspects of Biomedical Genetics. This study program particularly attracts me owing to its international environment. I have been studying in an international class during my BSc program, which I enjoyed very much. However, I experienced that working in an international environment is not the easiest when it comes to team work. Working in a multicultural study group gives me the opportunity to further challenge myself in social aspects which I think will be of great importance for the future career of a scientist in this field.

Besides theoretical knowledge, I have learned and applied various laboratory techniques such as PCR-based methods, expression cloning, cell and tissue culture and array-CGH during my study at the university as well as during my internships. I am acquainted with the principles of several other laboratory techniques and I am confident in my practical skills. Furthermore, I have experiences working in project groups in which I learned to work as part of a team to solve problems through co-operation.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for the Masters program at your university. I hope that you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well on this program. I can be available for an interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

You do sound motivated and you seem to have covered most things. The only aspect that is missing is what do you intend to do with all this learning in the long term? What sort of career are you aiming at?

Grammatically, you have some problems with articles, for example

final thesis to obtain a BSc degree

and pursue the MSc and PhD degrees

Also watch out for plural/singular forms as appropriate and make sure that the verbs match.
I really appreciate your comment. thank you very much. I will check for grammar mistakes and also write about my long term goal.

I have another question. Together with this motivation letter, I have to send several other documents, such as CV, references, list of grades, copy of passport, statement of financial resources... Should I mention Enclosure:... in the end of a motiation letter? If so, do I have to mention all documents that I send, or only selected ones (CV, references, list of grades)?