I am wondering what everyone has to say about this program running in the states, because I haven't viewed many posts on the issue. My thoughts are if it's something that has improved AMerica's responses to terrorist attacks / activity and immigration procedures, or if it's something that is more of a hindrance and stepping stone to the world of big brother. just curious..
Nobody has commented and it has been 3 days now.
Is it possible nobody knows what Homeland Security is?
I don't know what exactly you mean by Homeland Security but when you refering to the extra securities to enter the country, I would say they are already too late. Ok, extra security is good but now it's like "to close the well, after the calf has been drowned" (saying in our country) Means something like: Doing things after the harm is already done.
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Dear all,

my friend wrote her final thesis about the impacts of the Homeland Security acts and its consequences, so I am a bit familiar with the topic.

All I can say is that this board is trying to prevent the US from further attacks with several regulations, but on the other hand, it is a lot more difficult to trade with the US or american companies (if you are not american).
As an american importing company for example, you have to know your deliverer and the deliverer of you deliverer and so on.

We will see, if and how the world trade is affected