hi everyone

Which english is right to learn. Is it American English or British English.

Post ur opinion.

King Robin
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british english is the best but i prefer american accent to talk...
As long as you're consistent, it doesn't make much difference.

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I think it depends on your plans. If you are more likely to be going to the US or communicating with Americans or people who have learned American English, learning that kind of English seems like a good idea. If you think you are more likely to visit the UK or communicate with British people, learning British (English) English seems wise. I know a man from Czechoslovakia who'd learned British (English) English and had a lot of trouble being understood in the US! But his accent would have been an advantage in the UK. Two Germans I knew had learned American English and were quite easy for me (a Californian) to understand. But someone from the UK might have had trouble understanding what they were saying.
i agree with vile uk english is for learning but i prefer the american accent!
UK, no doubt on it man...

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american accent is easier:(
British accent is better... Emotion: big smile

but i dont think so:(english accent is not suitable to sing a rock or punk song...or talking...english accent is difficult!!!!and Jacopo why dont you come to msn?
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