I'm translating the project specification for a program, which has a database of legal documents and allows users to search the database / view documents.

1. I want to use a verb meaning to search/get/extract information from the database. I can only think of "mine" and "exploit", but both seem inappropriate. Can you suggest what to use here?

2. I want to refer to some elements / pieces of information of a legal document. They could be a part of a provision or some provisions. Which word should i use? Is "Data" usable?

3. Would you please correct the errors in my writing hereEmotion: smile. I know there are many.

Please help. Thank you.

Hello fatblack, welcome to English Forums!

1. Perhaps 'quarry'? (Though 'extract' seems fine.)

What sentence do you want to use it in?

2. Are you able to give one or two specimens of the kind of text you want to refer to?

Thanks a lot, MrP. I've just found this forum and I think it's great.

Here's the sentence i want to use the words in:
The legal document system enables users to search, analyze, and extract from legal documents.

Does it sound fine?
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Hmm, no; on 2nd thoughts, 'quarrying' wouldn't be the right word!

For the second part of the sentence, you might say '...enables users to search, analyze, and extract relevant material from legal documents'.

But 'the legal document XYZ system' is tricky. Is the phrase going to be used throughout the text? Or is this the only place it will appear?

This (legal document) search engine enables users to locate, analyze, and retrieve data from legal documents.

It doesn't seem necessary (to me, anyway) to say "legal document" at the beginning since it's obvious from the ending of the sentence.

Take 2:

Perhaps simply 'this facility enables users to search, analyze, and extract relevant material from legal documents'.

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Thank you all for your help. The "legal document XYZ system" phrase was used repeatedly in the original document, but I managed to replace them all with terms/phrases MrP & CJ suggested.

For the second part, "material" or "data" seems fine.

Again, thanks.