I was told that the word got, is not "proper" and should not be used -
I do understand some do not like the word, but i believe it is "proper" when used as intended=past participle of get

Did you get a new car?
> You got a new car!/?

am I correct?
Yes, you are right - this is a matter of British and American English:

In American English, the forms usually are:
get (infinitive)
got (past tense)
gotten (past participle)

while in British they are:
get (infinitive)
got (past tense)
got (past participle)

The "inappropriate" use you are referring to is certainly the one when "get" is used together with have:

In British English, have in present tense is usually followed by the past participle of get:
I have got a car.
This is a way to avoid the paraphrasing with "do" in negative and interrogative sentences:
I haven't got a car./ Have you got a car?

So in American English, the use of "got" together with have is generally said to be inappropriate, while in British English this is correct and has even become standard.
In American English however, have is treated like any other "usual" full-verb, i.e. it is generally paraphrased with "do" in the negative and interrogative, the past participle of get does not occur in these sentences:
I have a car./ I don't have a car. /Do you have a car?

The past participle "gotten" is only used in the actual meaning "received", so
I have gotten a car means I have received it.
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i'd also, like to know.
AnonymousI'd also like to know.
Hi Anon
Have you read the post immediately before yours?
This is a pet peeve of mine. I abhor the use of have and got together, incorrectly. Examples are:

I have got.......I have gotten.....You either got it, coming into your possession though physical means, or you now have it, expressing ownership. You should not express the act of getting and the fact of ownership together. It is obvious that if you have it, you got it by some means, otherwise you would not have it.

And while we're on the subject.......what is up with word aks......as used by ethnic groups in place of the word ask. Is this a cultural thing to bastardize the english language or just a statement to show non-confomity with mainstream society.

Other pet peeves of mine are the incorrect use of words, such as:

irregardless........in place of regardless

I could care less.....in place of i could not care less.

I could go on....but time constraints require me to bring this to a close. Remember, friends don't let friends use improper language. Educate America!


The Hammer
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You've got your work cut out for you, Hammer. Good luck in your eradication efforts.
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Hammer, hammer away! Better yet, come here to Mississippi, go through all of the small towns, and don't plan on leaving soon. I moved away from here for a few years and then moved back. Wow. Do you know what "wallago" means? Think of it as, "a while ago." If you really need to do something here, you've "GOT" (!!!!) to do it. Well, that's what most people here say. I, however, have to find a bigger hammer!! Emotion: big smile
Actually, have could replace got. Example: "You got a new car!/?" to "You have a new car!/?" or "You bought a new car!/?" and even "You have bought a new car!/?"
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Thank you..
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