When I substitue "help" with "join" in the sentence below the sentence does not sound right.

"Come, help us celebrate as Jack turns one" to "Come, join us celebrate as Jack turns one".

For some reason "join us celebrate" does not sound right. If "join" is to be included I feel it should be "join us to celebrate Jack's first birthday". Could someone please clarify which sentence is right if possible with an explanation breaking down the sentence into its basic constituents.

Thanks in advance.


Join and celebrate are both trying to be the main verbs in the sentence-- along with come!-- and that doesn't work. At least, a few conjunctions are called for:

Come, join us to celebrate as Jack turns one.
Come and join us to celebrate as Jack turns one.
Come-- join us and celebrate as Jack turns one

Help is a different beast: it can take the bare infinitive as verb complement-- help us bake/celebrate/wash the dishes. Join cannot work that way-- although make and have can: make/have me bake a birthday cake.
Hi Micawber,

Many thanks for the answer. Your explanation was just what I was looking for, and in the right context.

I will definitely come here more often.

Thanks again.