Hi, I have a question.

It's about the usage of "last".

On the site of BBC, I found this article:
Together Through Life, his first studio album since 2006, sits in the top slot on both sides of the Atlantic after scoring a UK number one on Sunday.
Modern Times, the 67-year-old icon's last studio album, also entered the Billboard 200 chart in pole position.
(http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8037386.stm just in case)

The fact is, Modern Times is released in 2006, so it can't be his "last" studio album, I believe. Am I minunderstanding something here?

Thank you in advance, as always,
One of the meanings of "last" is "most recent before this."

Someone has a new album out now, but you refer to his last album as the one that came before.

Today is Monday. If I refer to "Sunday" I mean yesterday, but if I say "last Sunday" I mean the one the week before that. If I say "last Monday" I mean a week ago today.

A star has a new movie opening this weekend. The paper reports that her last movie was a total box-office failure. That refers to the one before the one that is opening soon.
Strictly speaking you are right but I've seen this usage before

While my last album was a bit of a mixed bag my new release is strictly rock'n'roll
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Thanks for your replay.

I kind of felt I made a stupid-sounded question. I wouldn't call it "last monday" even if it's monday today. But you got it clear, anyway.

Thank you, again!
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gee. you're so perfect. there's nothing left I still have to wonder.

thank you,
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what is the usage of at last?????
Anonymouswhat is the usage of at last?????
You usually use 'at last' if you've been waiting for something to happen, and it finally happens, and you're glad it happened.

It's like 'finally'.

I've been waiting all day for the phone man to come and repair the phone. I see him arrive in his truck.

[At last / Finally] he's here!

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