I am needing some help. However, all of these posts appear very old. Is anyone still posting? If so, I am looking for usage assistance for the word "next." If today is Thursday and someone says, "I am taking next Friday off" does that mean tomorrow of eight days from today? I have been arguing that the next day in the sequence is tomorrow. I am looking for some proof to help back up my position. Can anyone help? thank you.
The guest post is mine. I decided to to post before I read what I needed to do. Please forgive my "...is anyone still posting" question. I was not reading the threads properly.

Thanks for any help.
For me "next Friday" would be in eight days' time. It seems that "next day" - tomorrow is "this Friday". However, I might be wrong.
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next friday would mean 8 days later.

if today is thursday and you want to be off the following day, you say, " I'll be off tomorrow," or " i'll be off this friday." or " I'll be off this coming friday," or "I'll be off on friday."
What if today is friday? What would you say then?
If I follow the definition of the word "next", then the nearest place must have no similar object intervene. (This is my logic anyway). So, the next friday is this Friday. If I said "I am taking off next week" would you assume that I actually meant "the week after next" or the week following this one? thanks
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As today is friday I would say you are taking off next Friday which would a week from today. Is that right?