I'm in the midst of a bit of a dispute (albeit a quiet, private one, in that I have not shared my disagreement with my boss). My boss has objected to the following sentence in a legal brief:

The legal proposition is as follows: Where the valuation of an asset is reported on an Estate’s Inheritance Tax Return and where the statutory requirements for valuation of that property were not followed and where the value reported is both erroneous and in contravention of State law and where there is no dispute as to the proper valuation of the asset as set forth under statutory authority, the court must enter a judgment, as a matter of law, of tax due which utilizes the proper, legally consistent, valuation of the asset.

She objects to the use of the word "where." Specifically, she says, "Never say where! Unless you're asking where the court is located!!"

Becuase the issue has been raised by my boss, I will simply rewrite the sentence (or sentences as the case may be). But, out of curiosity, who is correct here?

'Where' is fine.

The word has a variety of meanings. Your boss is thinking of the meaning as related to place. However, there is also the meaning 'in the situation or circumstances in which'. eg give credit where credit is due.

You might ask your boss 'Where does your comment leave me?'

Anyway, cheer up, one day perhaps it will be your turn to be the boss.

Best wishes, Clive
You might want to post this in the legal forum here.

Where seems OK to me in this contractual context, but you might have too many of them.
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Thank you for the response (I posted this before I noticed there was a registration/sign-on link and accidentally let it go out "Anonymous"). I felt like I was on pretty solid ground with this one. While it is probably not the most elegant sentence, it sets up the remainder of my brief (provides a nice outline of the topics I address later on in the brief- each "where" represents a discussion topic, so I am loathe to change it).

Sorry, as you can see, I am new to the forum and did not realize there was a separate area for legal Qs.
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