Usage of yet?

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Are these expressions correct:

I have not checked my emails yet.

I have not yet checked my emails.
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In Spoken English "yet" usually comes at the end of the clause.

It can be used after contractions such as don't, hasn't or haven't or before "why and whether"

In formal written English it can come after "not"

  1. I haven't planned my schedule yet.
  2. They don't yet know the story behind the incident.
  3. I haven't decided yet whether to resign from my job.
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No argument with sync.

For some reason, I also like in spoken English: I've not yet......(with the contraction). Is that my British heritage sneaking in?
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A li'l confusion here

Does that mean:

I haven't received any calls from them yet


I haven't yet received any calls from them.

Both are correct?
misty77Both are correct?
Yes, but using "yet" at the end of the sentence is more common.
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