I got this sentence from this forums and have been wondering if an article or a determiner is needed before the phrase "actual and ubiquit usage." Leaving the word "the" makes it too general of a reference? What usage? the usage of the word "the"

Some people still believe that the antiquated and outdated whom is still "technically" superior to (the???)actual and ubiquitous usage (of it???) seen today.
It must be, IMO, the usage of the word whom.

I think the first word marked with ??? (the) is necessary for clarity.

For one thing, "technically" superior indicates a comparison, and in a comparison, you need clear references to which to compare.

I am not so sure about it???
Is this something which you've introduced?
If I had written it, I would have written "... people still believe ... outdated whom is ... superior to the actual and ubiquitous usage of who today."