Hi, I would be grateful if someone could help me understand how to use "whatever".
Is it natural to say as follows?Emotion: hmm

1) Whatever colour is fine with me.
2) Whatever meal, I will accept.

I think we can say "Whatever color you choose is fine with me."or "Whatever meal you offer, I will accept." but not sure above sentences are okay as well as sound natural.Emotion: storm

Thank you in advance!

1) and 2) do not sound natural.

Your alternatives are fine.

Thank you very much Mr Rover!Emotion: yes
but I 'm kind of confused.

What about these sentences?
a) "whatever is fine with me"
b) "Whatever the reason is, you shouldn't hit anyone."

Are these above okay grammatically ?

I heard someone said "Whatever noun is (are) fine with me" , so I thought it was okay grammatically and does sound natural.

I'm sorry to ask you again but please teach me.