I need the uses of yours, your's, yours,.

Using an apostrophe (your's or yours') is incorrect. From Cambridge dictionary: "Yours" Pronoun

1. Used to show that something belongs to or is connected with the person or group of people being spoken or written to:

Is this pen yours?
Unfortunately my legs aren't as long as yours.
I've got something of yours (= that belongs to you).
2. Used at the beginning of some phrases written at the end of a letter, before giving a name:

Yours, Jack
UK Yours faithfully/sincerely, K. Maxwell.
Anonymousyours, your's, yours
The first and last are the same. There is no yours', and there is no your's, so you want to know how to use yours, I suppose.
yours means belonging to you.
Is this coat yours?  (Does this coat belong to you?)

This pen is not yours; it is mine. (This pen does not belong to you; it belongs to me.)


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yours is correct...unless it happens to be a name "That is Your's."
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