I'm a first time user - happy to be here. I had a colleague ask the following question:

If you're dependent on something, what's that something called?

He's looking for the other half of the relationship similar to antecedent/descendent, but I haven't a clue.

Any thoughts?

Collocations ... (when you say *the other ***Emotion: smile )

You're dependent on something or somebody (to live/survive)
He has 4 dependent children
mutual dependence (importance of collocations!)
dependence on one's parents
drug dependence
Country XYZ ... a dependency of the USA
financial dependency
his dependency on the welfare state

descendAnt is with an *** = she's a direct descendant of So-and-So

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-you mean hooked on.
I don't know what you mean by antecedent/descendent.
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Sorry but it still makes no sense. Can you reframe the sentence?
Are you dependent on time? How much time have you got left? Would these two sentences be correct?
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I have no idea what any of you are talking about. Can someone restate the original question?
more examples: dependent on the sun / on sleeping pills / on voluntary contributions / on drugs / on heroin /on insulin

if I write " I wouldn't like to be dependent on him" what do I mean?
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I'd say 'supportive'as the other 'half' you are looking for. I didn't find a better word but I'll think.
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