What do we say; hardly--------------when or hardly------------than and no sooner than or no sooner when ? Please help.
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It is usually hardly...when and no sooner..than.


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Both 'No Sooner…Than' and 'Hardly…When' are used to mean exactly the same. It is when something has happened just before something else. The first of the actions expressed with 'no sooner' or 'hardly', has happened right before the part after 'than' or 'when'.

One thing to remember with these constructions is never to use 'when' with 'no sooner' or 'than' with 'hardly'. No sooner is clearly a comparative construction and has to be followed by 'than' as in any comparative form.

You can also replace 'hardly' with 'scarcely'.

No sooner had we arrived at the station than the announcement started.
No sooner does Max arrive than the class starts.
No sooner will the bell ring than the feast will start tomorrow.
Hardly had we arrived at the station when the announcement started.
Scarcely had Jake finished the book report when Alan came in.

I hope I cleared your query.

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Think of 'sooner than' and you should remember that it is 'Hardly when...'
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for instance
i got it the way like below

no sooner had I reached the station than train arrived
hardly train arrived when I reached the station
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