Correct me if I'm wrong.

The word "Is" is used when a subject is singular, and "Are" is used when a subject is plural.

eg Jimmy IS riding a bike.
or The Smith's ARE moving in.

My question is, if there are multiple subjects (all singular) which word do I use. The specific example I'm struggling with is "Make sure your username and password IS/ARE correct."

I'm tending towards IS at the moment but I would like to make sure.
Hi Davesan,
We use ARE because 'username and password' = they......so....they ARE.
Try this...
Your mother and father ARE very nice people. mother are father = parents = they
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Thanks a lot for that Woody. I really appreciate it. What about the following?

1. There is a cat and a dog under my car.
2. There are a cat and a dog under my car.
Thanks for your help.

In South Africa (where I'm from) we don't always use the correct grammar. People have gotten so used to the mistakes that it sounds right to say, "...username and password IS correct."

I'm going to avoid the problem by saying, "Please check your username and password and try again."
Maj: 2 Seems wrong..
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@ Maj
2nd sentence is correct in my opinion just remove the "a" between are and cat: There are cat and dog under my car. Right?
Please check the dates on posts and be sure before posting that you really wish to respond to a question that is six years old, realizing that none of the original participants in the thread may be around anymore to discuss the issue with you.

There [is / are] a cat and a dog under my car.

Both are correct. Because a singular noun is close to the verb, native speakers are more likely to use is in this case.

'Are' is correct in this instance as you are referring to the subjects of the sentence. There are two subjects: username and password.

Another example:

My Mum and Dad are joining me for a walk.

Hope that helps
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1. is correct or There is a cat and dog under my car.
2. There are cat's and dog's under my car.
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