Can someone tell me the rule reguarding possessive nouns. Example: Beckers' Auto Glass LLC..... or..... Becker's Auto Glass LLC. This is a one-man owned and operated business. I was told today that I am using the incorrect puntuation in my last name, for the name of my business.
It should be Becker's Auto Glass LLC.
The rules are here Apostrophes
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"Beckers' Auto Glass LLC" would be correct. When the noun ends with an "s", the possessive mark comes after the "s". There are two or three bizarre exceptions to that rule but it doesn't apply to you.
If your name is Becker, the correct punctuation is Becker's Auto Glass LLC. If your name is Beckers, the correct punctuation is Beckers' Auto Glass LLC. Hope this helped.
Personally, since it’s a business name, I’d drop the possessive entirely. There’s no reason why it can’t be called Becker Auto Glass, LLC or, if your name is Beckers, Becker Auto Glass, LLC.

Otherwise the rule for possessive singular nouns is to always add “’s”, regardless of the final consonant, except in the case of ancient proper names ending in –es and –is, such as Jesus’.

Maybe << edited by moderator >> was referring to the need to place a comma after the proper name but before LLC
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brother John Francis's or brother's, John Francis's