What are you planning to learn? (Why have they used present progressive here?)

How are you planning to learn it?

(Again why have they used present progressive?)

The above are the part of the questions need to be answered when I record my CPD ( Continuing Professional Development) as a Pharmacy Professional in the U.K



The progressive tense is used because they want to know what you are planning to learn at the very moment the question is asked.


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Jigneshbharati (Why have they used present progressive here?)

Use of present progressive is correct there.

One of the situations where present progressive is used is to know someone's plan.

For example, "What are you doing next Wednesday? "Where is your sister buying the car next month?"


people are seen as buying costly goods in the depresson. what is the function of 'as buying' inthis sentence ?

I don't mean to be pedantic but, if you look at our replies, you will see that we try to use capital letters correctly. Would you please show us the same courtesy?

Thank you very much.

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