When I went to school one was required to use the personal pronoun "I" as the subject of a sentence (nominative case) and the pronoun "me" as the object of a sentence (objective case). Now it seems like everbody in both speaking and writing uses the reflexive pronoun "myself" in place of both "I" and "me" so they don't have to figure out which is right. Since common use trumps what was formerly considered "correct" English, has this happened with "myself'? This has already happened with "It is me" having replaced "It is I".
has this happened with "myself'?
No. Not yet! I still hear lots of people use "me".

Would you like to go out for some pizza with my wife and [me / myself / I]?

You'll hear all three. Only me is technically correct, of course.

me, well, i disagree.
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It really irritates me when people say "myself" instead of "I" or "me". It also irritates me when they start a sentence with "Me and him" or "Him and me", or when they say "between you and I" or "with you and I" or "for you and I". They think they sound educated but they just sound ignorant to me.
AnonymousIt really irritates me when people ...
A lot of things irritate me too, like the IRS and shoes that are too tight, but it doesn't really advance the thread much to say so. Emotion: smile

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No we really cannot accept this. "It is me" is WRONG and common usage does not make it correct. "I did it myself" is correct. "How is yourself" is WRONG.

We really must make a stand and not accept this inaccurate usage.