I was wondering how we use 'the' before any word for example

1) "We want the communication that builds the trust"
2) "We want communication that builds the trust"

I often get confused in making these kind of sentences. I know we use the before Sun or before Earth, but here the case is different. The second sentence is true as I heard in an audio.

Why not or why should we use 'the' before a word, could anyone help me in this issue here, please? thanks

OR could anyone suggest me any good website to study the use of 'the'?
In English, the article is often omitted with abstract nouns and nouns that refer more to a concept rather than a tangible item.
Look at the word 'communication':
"Captain, we have received a communication from headquarters."
"Read it to me!"
"The communication says, "Open fire when ready."

Here, "communication" refers to a "tangible item", a written communication/message.
But the word also means: the imparting or exchanging of information or news - as a concept, or an abstract idea, as in your sentence.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Not, 'The power corrupts. The absolute power..."
In olden days, the power of the monarch was absolute.
Here, we are not talking about an abstract idea, but the real power and control the monarch had over everyone else in the nation.
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Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, I think it will take more practice to differentiate between a tangible item and the concept while choosing 'the' in an appropriate place, won't it? But, your answer is more insightful, thanks once again for your time.
Don't hesitate to post again about this, if you find another word without an article and you're puzzled! Emotion: smile
Hi, Here I come another difficulty with 'the'. I read following

"If it isn't shipped on dry ice, the ice cream will melt."

In this case dry ice can not be the concept as it is treated as a tangible here.

Cant it be "If it isn't shipped on the dry ice, the ice cream will melt."

I'm still trying to learn, and I know I will be perfect at it.

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