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If you wish to indicate the both of you, it needs to be Van Dalfsens' Men's and Womens' Clothing, with the apostrophe after the 's'. That is certainly a plethora of apostrophes, however, and I submit to you that Van Dalfsen Men's and Women's Clothing (with no 's' or apostrophe), a more traditional form, might be preferable.
My question covers the proper use of the apostrophe. Which of the following two versions is the correct use of the apostrophe?
a) Prue and Antony's Wedding
b) Prue and Antonys' Wedding
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A friend an I are having the following argument:

"What's up?" <- the 's here is part of a contraction between "what is", correct? But, how does one spell the abbreviation of "what's up?", "sup"?

is it s'up or 'sup?

thanks, rob.
A little late getting back to you, Rob, sorry. You're pretty much on your own with extreme reductions such as that-- whatever makes it most intelligible for the reader. I think I would transcribe it as 'S up?.