I want to know if we can use "to" with "dare". I heard from my friend that there is a rule in english which says you cannot use the word "dare" with "to". Could you please give some clarification in this regards. Thank you.
You can use Dare with TO.

Dare can be used in two ways:
1. as an ordinary verb (followed by the infinitive with TO)
In this case it is more common in negative sentences:
I didn't dare to tell her what had really happened.
My friends dared me to drink the entire glass all at once.

2. as a modal auxilary verb
This form is not very common though still exists.
The most common expression using this form is
'How DARE you? Take your hands off me at once!'

Remember that Dare is not common in an informal conversation.
Dare IS common in informal conversation when it is kids "daring" each other to do somthing a bit risky / naughty; they will say "I dare you .... "