Hi all,

I am keen to learn english and speak it fluently, as my professiol requiring it...
I am trying my best , reading , newspaper,article, and other stuff and mostly watchs subtitle movies

bt I've lots of confusing with some particular words, like though, even though,

as I'm concentrating constantly on imporve this language as a third.

I will thankful if I can see my confuson going away...

I need to knw that exact use of
even though
get, got
and please suggest me some site where I'll get more stuff to read which help me to make knowledageble.....

I am not getting any mail from this site since I am trying to register on it....
pleae help me

I am realy keen to join you comunity please suggest me how can I connect with you...
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'Though' and 'even though' mean almost the same. (even though is also the same as the words 'although')

Example: I couldn't come even though I really wanted to come. This sentence means that I couldn't come despite the fact that I really wanted to.

Example: Although it was late, the sun had not set.

Get/get is a part of the infinitive 'to get':

Get = (simple) present

Got = (simple) past

To get means to recieve something. Example: I get a present every Christmas from my dad.

I don't know what you specifically mean here (gotton) ?
Hi Lundbye

Thank you very much

finally I am able to understand the meaning of even though...and although

your sentece was very effective...

please verify my understanding..

I didn't buy any product from that new opened mall even though they were offering a very good discount

she has came to my home even though her father didn't try to stop her

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The first sentence sounds good :-)

In the second one, I would probably rather say:

She has come to my home even though her father tried to stop her.

There is a grammar mistake her.