Dear students,

Do you want to know how good your pronunciation is? Please use our audio feature, which allows you to record a voice message and post it in our forums!

When you write a post, click on the 'Record Your Voice' link above the Editor Box:

Record your message, pre-listen to it, and click on the 'Save' button if you're happy with the result.

You will see a special code pasted in the editor. When you have published your post, the code will be converted into a mini-media player to play your voice message.

Enjoy! Emotion: wink
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Emotion: yes
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
yes i did it its a good way to improve my spoken english
good idea
Tough quality, well done

Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.
Great idea, thanks !

Emotion: hmmEmotion: big smile
Nice new and useful source we got here, Thanks Lana for showing us the way to make it perfect ¡

Well done to the braves ones Emotion: smile

Kochito, there is no audioEmotion: big smile
thank you it's nice Emotion: smile
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
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