I'm an beginner English student. I found an exercise on my grammar book but I'm not sure about the kei. Please help me. Put the verb in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous: I......... to school by bus because it's too cold to walk at the moment. thank you and I'm sorry for my English
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I assume you have studied the uses of the present simple and the present progressive (since you're doing an excercise in which you have to choose the right tense).
If you focus on the "at the moment" part, you will surely be able to make the right choice.
You can then post it here and we'll tell you if you did well.

Miriam, thank you very mach for your answer. I Think that the right choise is "I'm going to school by bus because it's too cold to walk at the moment" because is a temporary contidion, but in the workbook kei is "I go to school By Bus ...". What do you tell me? Bye Guest (Livio)
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You're most welcome. Emotion: smile

And yes, the present progressive is the right choice, if you don't have a context for that sentence that might suggest otherwise.

"I go to school by bus" means you usually take the bus to school. This tense is not used (with most verbs) to indicate something that is happening at the time of speaking.
"I'm going to school by bus because it's too cold to walk at the moment" implies, as you said, a temporary condition.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I have no idea why the key to the exercise says that the present simple is the right choice.

the correct answer is: i am going to school because it happens at the moment

i hope that you understand it know[<:o)]
I go to school ......, is the right form. Present Continuous tense is not used for habitual actions.
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It´s "I´m going". At the end of the sentence you are saying "at that moment".